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Updated Table Display

All the Christmas decor is up!!

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Trash and Recycling Appreciation Week

Hi everyone! You all have trash and/or recycling right?

I saw a video with triplets giving gatorade to the trash pick up men. The men were thankful and nice.

I think it would be awesome to let trash and recycling pick up people know how much we appreciate what they do for our community with a simple act of kindness! So lets make these men and women alike, smile this upcoming week with the new Trash and Recycling Appreciation Week from Monday, August 15-18!

Maybe you’re into baking and want to make a sweet treat. Or maybe, your schedule is jammed and you still want to do something nice. Well, for those of you that are thinking that right now, hand them a cold drink from the dollar store or just set some on the cans before you go to work. Here is a fun way to make a little tag to go on a cold beverage if you’re into crafts. Please let us know what you decided to do by sending JC’s Naturals a video and /or picture, plus a comment to go with it.

Jaden Chambers

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The Gummy World!!

JC’s Naturals has a wonderful recipe for a delicious gelatin snack.

2 Cups of fruit tea, we use 2 blueberry flavored tea bags.
8 Tablespoons of gelatin
1 Can of coconut milk, use both the layer on top of solid cream and the milk underneath.
About 1/4 Cup of honey, to taste.
About 10-15 Drops of stevia, to taste.
2 Teaspoons of fruit extract, we don’t use it because we don’t have it!!!
3 Teaspoons of citric acid.

1. Steep the tea, then pour in a medium size bowl.
2. Add the gelatin, citric acid, honey, and stevia to the same bowl.
3. Stir and add the can of coconut milk.
4. Pour into ice cub trays, deviled egg trays (AKA Eggies), or anything you have or want to mold them in.
5. Let them set in the frig.
6. Make sure to eat them before 3 weeks have passed at the most, because they will mold if in the frig too long….enjoy!!!!

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It’s Core Time!!

Today’s info is on the Plank, day 1! The plank in very simple to figure out but a hard core workout, literately! Start out by going into a push but on your fore arms. Then hold for as long as possible. Work on the plank so you can do it longer each time. The plank work your abdominal and oblique core muscles. Don’t push yourself too much but you’ll be surprised that you can do the plank longer than you think!!


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Your Choice, By Jaden

Organic eating is absolutely the best way to eat and feed the next generation. If you searched on the Internet about organic food you would see a lot of people support the concept of consuming organic foods.

Non-organic foods have unhealthy pesticides sprayed on them you then put in your mouth! Think about how much healthier the soil, the environment, and your own children would be if you ate organic.

A benefit to eating organic is that studies show there are more vitamins and minerals in organic food. There are also helpful forms of bacteria and it simply taste better!
Organic food is never, ever genetically modified, abbreviated as GMO. The seeds are often heirloom varieties which means the plants were never altered over the years to get a different product.

Buying organic supports small farms in need. Some are troubled by the government and even get arrested for carrying and/or making certain items! You are also voting for a more profitable future. So make your choice, will you choose an organic lifestyle or a conventional, average american one?

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Dec 5-28 at Swell Gallery in West Dundee

We will be working hard all week to gear up for an art show that we are taking part in that opens from Dec 5-28 at Swell Gallery in West Dundee.

The preview will be Friday night from 5-9pm and the reception on Saturday night from 5-9pm. Show hours running the rest of the month on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm.

Come check out our creative display along with all the other artists featured! — at swell gallery.