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About Gina

The number one reason JC’s Naturals exists is because I love to help people. I am first and foremost a devote follower of Jesus Christ. Secondly, I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom, and wife. Thirdly, I answer calls, texts, emails, Facebook posts, and private messages everyday helping friends, family, and clients with numerous concerns.

I am currently studying for my Doula certification which lets me serve and support women while in labor and postpartum too.  I am a lifelong learner. At 18, I went to the Maui Academy of the Healing Arts for massage therapy while living in Hawaii, off the grid and I also studied the art of growing cannabis in the fertile soil there. At 21, I moved back to the mainland and studied accounting for 2 years.  I am currently homeschooling Jaden, 16 and Jordan, 12 and have been for the last 9 years while continuing to study the Bible, alternative medicines, nutrition, and cannabis. This is how we have built a thriving local business based on handcrafted, organic personal care and home products along with various colloids including silver and gold.

I am a devoted advocate for cannabis. I am a licensed caregiver in the state of Illinois (IL).  I have been at the forefront of the medical cannabis program there. We are currently living in Jacksonville, Florida where I plan to continue the fight for patients to get access to real, clean medicine. I help people almost everyday with either application inquires, dosage, strains, or just to educate and enlighten them on the subject.

John and I were team leaders at our church in IL which included greeting on Sundays and helping everyone coming into the building but also caring for our team during the week. My life revolves around service. We are currently enjoying building new relationships at our new church in Jacksonville.

I have taken Strength Finders and my top 5 character strengths are connectedness, learner, input, woo, and belief.